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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flowered eggs for Sunday morning

I'm sorry I didn't save you a picture.

But what a good idea it was to chop a few shrinking pumpkin flowers into this morning's buttered scrambled eggs

A couple of days old, they weren't vibrant enough for salad. The tired old tempura that everyone's grandmother made is one of the few matronly recipes I don't love — too heavy for the sprightly flowers, I always think, though the royal Thai version I first encountered at Bangkok's Ruen Mallika is rather more interesting and elevated. 

However, without all the fuss and even minus some freshness, these flowers turned out blooming good! A lovely little bite they added to the eggs, with a very fresh flavour that whispered virtuously of eating your vegetables but did not overpower the creamy scramble

Not the usual saltiness of sausage — though we did grate in a little Gruyere for savouriness — or the ferrous tang of spinach, nor even the more insistent spicy-sweet stride of roasted peppers. Though all of these are old favourites in our household of two. 

This was a surprisingly soothing and gently sunny partnership after a difficult day-before. So we polished it off before it could pose for photographs this lazy Sunday morning.

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