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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Should I buy some blue cocoa butter?

I admit I'm sorely tempted.

By this too. And this (c'mon, it's even on sale!). And also, astoundingly, this. And this shining instance of extravagance.

And why did no one tell me I could get Lorina delivered to my doorstep? Eh?! Here I've just sent the Boy on a wild-goose chase for Ikea Slom bottles, which are lovely and cheap and efficient — and fragile for flying home with... When I could drink pomegranates and lemons (both unreliable buys as fresh fruit around here), while I save the free, equally lovely and efficient bottle they came in?

They carry Ahana Organic's wild rice and basil oil too, would you believe?

It's only a promise to our two selves to tighten belts and be reasonable about the obsessive larder stocking that has restrained my mouse hand from clicking. At least, this morning I've won the battle with temptation. No more purchases of pantry fillers, or even staples, till we are running at least half empty in freezer and drawers alike. So we're saving with every meal we cook. (I give it a month, maybe two.)

But won't someone please stop by Delicious Now and tell me if they deliver as promised? Pretty please? With pearl sugar and caramel cream on top?

(Hmm. Wasn't it just this morning I was fantasizing about Swedish sweet rolls for my coffee...?)

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